Thought Leaders Lab

WWD Studios presents Thought Leaders Lab, an innovative way to create content that blends thought leadership with traditional news analysis and executive roundtables, in a brainstorming session between notable executives of a variety of brands.

Thought Leaders Lab Series Details:

  • WWD Studios editors will identify an industry issue as the center of a brainstorming session between several different, relevant brands that will act as a living “white paper”
  • Session to be led by WWD Studios Editor and include up to 3 brands at a time to participate in the session
  • Topics in the Lab to be pre-determined and shared for research
  • Topics will explore different facets of the featured industry, surrounding a prominent problem in that industry with viable solutions/tactics presented
  • Sessions will take place LIVE in the WWD Studios offices, inviting a photographer, videographer and audience members to capitalize and document the insights presented
  • Thought Leaders Lab sessions will be recapped and documented via:
    • Custom Videos
    • Editorial Articles
    • Native Articles
    • Social Media Postings

Past Thought Leaders Lab Participants: Liztrek, DynamicAction, Destination XL, TUMI, PGA Stores, HSBC

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