Burberry Fragrance

Burberry Fragrance’s Objective:

  • Promote the launch of Burberry’s My Burberry Black Fragrance
  • Drive awareness to My Burberry Black
  • Align My Burberry Black with Mother’s Day and Female Lifestyle Content Environments
  • Display My Burberry Black in a First-To-Market, Exclusive Opportunity with a Luxury Feel

WWD Solution:

  • A healthy mix of unique and custom digital and social media units and posts, as well as high-impact placements, including:
    • Homepage Takeovers
    • Targeted Impressions to Runway, Fashion and Beauty Channels
    • In-Article Video
    • Ownership of Mother’s Day Editorial Content
    • Best In Fragrance Custom Sponsorship:
    • Custom editorial content Burberry surrounded and aligned their My Burberry Black Fragrance with
    • Best In Fragrance Editorial Article
    • Scent Notes of Spring Custom Social Video

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