WWD’s Festival House with NUDESTIX

WWD’s Festival House hosted a bevy of fashion/beauty/lifestyle influencers, capturing festival-themed content on behalf of NUDESTIX, our premiere Festival House Sponsor.

Influencers captured social content of all the house happenings on their channels, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and LIVE platforms.

Over the course of Coachella Weekend #1, WWD hosted customized activations LIVE from the house, including:

  • A Private Yoga Session for the Influencers
  • A VIP Pool Party for the In-Crowd of Coachella
  • A Hangover Recovery Brunch at the End of the Weekend

Amongst all the activities, NUDESTIX also hosted several branding moments around the house, including:

  • Bathroom Takeover, filling the house bathrooms with tons of NUDESTIX products for the influences to use, and mirror decals, perfect for selfies
  • Itinerary Takeover, giving our influencers a taste of the festival life in all the activities above

The Festival House program generated nearly 5MM+ impressions for NUDESTIX.


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