WWD’s Holiday Gift Guide with CBL Properties

CBL Properties’ Objective:

  • Generate in-store conversion sales at CBL Properties across the country during key holiday timing
  • Promote specific brands/retailers and their holiday product through a custom digitized and social presence
  • Establish CBL Properties as prime retailer go-to for your holiday shopping needs
  • Spotlight Midwest retail centers specifically to drive growth and sales
  • Craft sweepstakes to drive in-store traffic upon participation

WWD Solution:

  • Custom Digital Daily section, divided by gifting categories (example: “Fitness Guru,” and “Frequent Flyer”)
  • Custom Digital Microsite to drive traffic to the sweepstakes for entry and spotlight different retailers
  • Native Article and custom ROS banners on WWD.com to drive more traffic to the digital microsite
  • Custom social media promotion on @WWD’s platforms in fun, interactive GIF format
  • Influencer integration with Chicago-based Olivia Rink
    • Custom content creation on Instagram and Instagram Stories featuring several featured products in the gift guide


  • TOTAL Time Spent: 4,200+ hours
  • TOTAL In-Store Conversions: 225K+
  • TOTAL Program Impressions: 1.5MM+

View the Custom Microsite HERE.

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