How To Make It In Fashion, Powered by Polimoda

WWD hosted a fashion career panel on the Style Dimension stage, powered by Polimoda.

Featured on the panel were Nicholas Kunz, designer/founder of Nicholas K, and Torsten Hochstatter, Creative Director at PUMA, both graduates of Polimoda.

The panel was targeted for those interested in or already a part of the fashion industry, and how the foundation of a good education at Polimoda prepped the featured designers for success.

All attendees were gifted with an inspirational/educational book from Polimoda.

The panel was streamed on Facebook LIVE and Instagram LIVE, and promoted on WWD’s Twitter page.


  • TOTAL Attendees: 115
  • TOTAL Social Reach: 5MM+
  • TOTAL FB Live Views: 1.5K+

Watch the Facebook LIVE Session HERE.

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