Spotlight is a custom editorially-created problem and solution based feature, produced by WWD Studios.

Spotlight offers your brand the opportunity to be featured as your industry’s thought leader through editorial and brand content components that live together and put your brand’s innovations and advancements at the forefront.

WWD Studios will work directly with your brand to determine the topic problem and your brand’s highlighted solutions in a truly collaborative production structure.

Spotlight contains FIVE components:

  • WWD Editorial Components:
    • Market Analysis
    • Friction Points
    • By the Numbers
  • Sponsored Brand Components:
    • Thought Leadership (Q&A Format)
    • Business Solutions

Additionally, WWD will feature your brand’s logo over the entire Spotlight portfolio, as well as include a CTA.

Past Spotlight Participants: Michael Todd Beauty, Lectra, Marcus Lemonis, Woolmark, Consinee Group

Thought Leaders Lab

WWD Studios presents Thought Leaders Lab, an innovative way to create content that blends thought leadership with traditional news analysis and executive roundtables, in a brainstorming session between notable executives of a variety of brands.

Thought Leaders Lab Series Details:

  • WWD Studios editors will identify an industry issue as the center of a brainstorming session between several different, relevant brands that will act as a living “white paper”
  • Session to be led by WWD Studios Editor and include up to 3 brands at a time to participate in the session
  • Topics in the Lab to be pre-determined and shared for research
  • Topics will explore different facets of the featured industry, surrounding a prominent problem in that industry with viable solutions/tactics presented
  • Sessions will take place LIVE in the WWD Studios offices, inviting a photographer, videographer and audience members to capitalize and document the insights presented
  • Thought Leaders Lab sessions will be recapped and documented via:
    • Custom Videos
    • Editorial Articles
    • Native Articles
    • Social Media Postings

Past Thought Leaders Lab Participants: Liztrek, DynamicAction, Destination XL, TUMI, PGA Stores, HSBC